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Welcome to the Frackin' Universe Wiki!

Current as of version 6.1.48

This is the OFFICIAL wiki for Frackin' Universe. It is maintained by the community; the Devs and Staff are generally not involved. Please contribute!
We currently have 11,532 articles and counting about the definitive mod for Starbound!

What is FrackinUniverse?

Frackin' Universe (FU) is a mod for the game Starbound expanding upon the game in hundreds of ways. It has been under development since modding became possible and is still being worked on today. Frackin' Universe adds to just about every aspect of the original game and introduces many of its own mechanics. Much work remains to be done, so any and all help is appreciated!

Just installed the mod?
  • Gameplay Changes - what is different from your usual Starbound.
  • Incompatible mods - Please read through, and ensure you are not using mods that break things when paired with FU.


FU Nav Icon.png Getting Started
  Item icon statustablet.png Personal Tricorder
  Research Nav Icon.png Research
Player Nav Icon.png The Player
  Combat Nav Icon.png Combat
  Health Nav Icon.png Health
  Status Nav Icon.png Status Effects
  Races Nav Icon.png Races
Crafting Nav Icon.png Crafting
  Cook1 Nav Icon.png Cooking
Mech Nav Icon.png Mechs
Power Nav Icon.png Power
Extraction Nav Icon.pngExtraction/Centrifuge Nav Icon.pngCentrifugation
BumblebeeBee.png Bees
Network Nav Icon.png Item Network


Item Nav Icon.png Items
  Armor Nav Icon.png Armor
  Weapon Nav Icon.png Weapons
  Shield Nav Icon.png Shields
  Tools1 Nav Icon.png Tools
  Cosmetic Nav Icon.png Cosmetics
EPP Nav Icon.png EPP
  Augment Nav Icon.png EPP Augments
Diamond.png Crystals
Ore Nav Icon.png Ores
Liquid Nav Icon.png Liquids
Collections Nav Icon.png Collections Library
Tech Nav Icon.png Techs


Star Nav Icon.png Stars
  Planet Nav Icon.png Planets
  Biome Nav Icon.png Biomes
  Structure Nav Icon.png Structures
    Dungeon Nav Icon.png Dungeons
    Village Nav Icon.png Villages
    Encounter Nav Icon.png Encounters
Lore Nav Icon.png Lore
  Codex Nav Icon.png Codex
Monster Nav Icon.png Monsters
  Boss Nav Icon.png Bosses
NPC Nav Icon.png NPCs
  Tenant Nav Icon.png Tenants
  Ship Nav Icon.png Crew
BYOS Nav Icon.png BYOS
  Ship Nav Icon.png Crew
  SAIL Nav Icon.png S.A.I.L.
Science Nav Icon.png The Science Outpost
  Kevin Nav Icon.png Kevin

Missions & Dungeons
Dark Cavern (T1) · Ancient Temple (T2) · Verdant Ruins (T2) · Sunset Riders (T3) · Away In A Longship (T3) · Castle Takeshi (T3) · Snow Crash (T4) · Forest of Fae (T5) · Grand Arena (T5) · Precursor Ruins (T5) · Evernight Jungle (T5) · Letheia Labs (T6) · Infiltration (T6) · Tower Invincible (T6) · Brine Star (T6+) · Sky Boulevard (T6+) · Hydro Center (T6+) · Delta Freya II (T7) · Letheia Facility (T8) · Mount Gigant (T8) · Highway Havoc (T8)
Power sources
Low-tech (fuel) Alternator Generator (=4W) · Combustion Generator (=12W) · Hydraulic Dynamo (5-21W, depending on fuel)
Low-tech (renewable) Solar Panel (<=4W) · Solar Array (<=10W) · Solar Tower (<=24W) · Wind Turbine (<12W) · Weather Beacon (tool to check light/wind level)
Madness Neuro-Psionic Generator (=60W) · Nocturn Array (<=10W, renewable)
Advanced Fission Reactor (10-360W, depending on fuel, + has useful byproducts) · Small Fusion Reactor (15-360W, depending on fuel) · Large Fusion Reactor (35-600W, depending on fuel) · Quantum Reactor (60-620W, depending on fuel)
Precursor Precursor Generator (up to 1055W, noncraftable: can only be found)

All items by categories

Armor(4 C, 2 P)
Artifacts(1 C, 15 P)
Blocks(2 C, 668 P)
Clothing dye(79 P)
Codex(340 P)
Crafting Material(1 C, 405 P)
Crafting stations(156 P)
Crew contracts(45 P)
Currency(3 C, 26 P)
Decorative items(1 C, 1,506 P)
EPP Augments(117 P)
Extractors(32 P)
Farm beast eggs(18 P)
Food(6 C, 232 P)
Fuel(1 C, 22 P)
Furniture(3 C, 749 P)
Insects(43 P)
Light sources(335 P)
Liquids(43 P)
Mech parts(191 P)
Ores(35 P)
Other items(34 P)
Pet collars(46 P)
Rails and trams(11 P)
Seeds(197 P)
Shields(47 P)
Spawners(11 P)
Storage(2 C, 414 P)
Techs(57 P)
Terraformers(97 P)
Throwable items(88 P)
Tools(4 C, 107 P)
Toys(8 P)
Traps(10 P)
Weapons(38 C)
Wire(1 C, 274 P)

Bug Reports and other Problems

Join us on the discord and make sure to have your starbound.log handy!

Help needed

We need the following articles:

  • Mastery, list of things like Spear Mastery or Ammo Mastery (based on code comments in masteries.lua)

We need the following guides (frequently asked questions):

  • Good planets for a base (by different criteria: beauty, safety, light, wind, bees, oceans, condenser output, etc.)

Frackin Universe Version History