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Many people ask what mods best mix with Frackin Universe. We've curated a short list of what we feel are the best mods out there.

See Incompatible for mods we recommend against.

The Frackin Family[edit]

Big Content[edit]

  • Elithian Races - Adds a ton of top-tier content, including races and dungeons, quests and more.
  • Shellguard Expansion - Adds heaps of new weapons, some dungeons and much more.


  • Stardust Core Lite - Allows access to tricorder and other FU menus via the vanilla sidebar. Remember not to confuse this mod with the non-Lite version which is needed by some mods over the Lite version. The game will crash if both versions are installed. The non-Lite version already has the Lite verison included in it and any mod that requires the Lite version should also work with the non-Lite version.
  • Enhanced Storage - Allows you to name most forms of storage, organise, and enlarge its inventory up to 300 slots!
  • StarTech: Adds a variety of new gear and devices. Requires Stardust Core to work. Not to be confused with the Lite version listed above.

Quality of Life[edit]

  • bk3k's Inventory - Massively increases your inventory space by well over 100 slots. Absolutely great with FU. Expect your inventory to be VERY EASILY clogged without it. Also it's the most compatible and mostly bug-free compared to other inventory expanders.
  • More Planet Info (requires this patch) - Displays a great deal more information about each planet you intend to visit via the navigational display.
  • XS Mechs: Modular Edition - Goes great with FU mech adjustments